Simonton 9800 Series Window - Price

truth75July 8, 2009

How much should I expect to pay for 18 Simonton 9800 Series averaged-size windows (that meet the $1,500 tax credit requirements) from an authorized Simonton dealer that does not subcontract the installation?

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The answer is, it depends on a lot of factors. Where you live, who you buy from, what's involved in the installation such as wrapping wood, whether insulation is used in the jambs and what type of insulation, what prep work is necessary, the experience of the installer, company reputation, labor warranties etc. Even depends on if grids are included, if the installer is using shims, backer rods or wood blocks on the sills. Best answer is you will usually get what you pay for.

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Southern U.S. (not in hurricane zone)
Contractor in business for 20+ years installing windows
Installation is on a brick home
Company has numerous references and A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
Warranty is for Lifetime regarding the window (total window) and labor. Covers everything for the life of the window.

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Still need to know what options are in the windows, what type of windows are currently in place, what are the installation options, etc.

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I am looking at Simonton 5500 double hung windows that meet the $1,500 tax credit requriments as replacements for 17 of my early 1980's aluminum windows with storm windows over them. They have brick around them, no siding. I want 5 of my new windows with grids and the rest without.

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The Simonton Reflections 5500 series is a pretty good window. You can either choose the ETC glass package with Intercept Spacer or the LoE-366 with Super Spacer, a 1" IGU and double strength glass. Both will qualify for the tax credit. What pricing have you recieved so far?

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So far, I have received a price of $9,500 for 17 averaged size windows (installed). With the $1,500 tax credit, I will be right around $8,000. This a good price for the Simonton 5500?

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Are you getting the Solar System AR glass package? That would include LoE-366 glass, argon gas, Super Spacer, 1" IGU and double strength glass. If so, that's a fair price considering your existing windows are metal.

The other alternative would be the ETC glass package. ETC uses LoE 272 glass, argon gas, Intercept Spacer, a 3/4" IGU and single strength glass. If the quote is for ETC, I think you could do a little better.

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