Getting basswood smooth enough to stain

linnea56February 7, 2009

I have some miniature moldings to make fittings inside a wall mounted jewelry armoire. They are in basswood. The last time I used basswood I could not get a smooth finish on it. No matter what I sanded it with, it had a fuzzy surface almost like flocking. I was all the way down to 600 and it still looked like I had not sanded it. I gave up and stained and finished it anyway but the surface is prickly.

WhatÂs the secret?

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A coat of 1 pound cut shellac to lock down the fibers and very light sanding to remove any sticking up.

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But can I stain after that?

Can you buy shellac in very small quantities? I donÂt have any other imminent use for any, and IÂm trying hard to make do with what I have on hand without buying much new. I was hoping I could use what I have around if I only knew what worked. I have a Woodcraft store nearby if shellac is the only option.

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I buy shellac flakes and then dissolve them in denatured alcohol.
I have never purchased pre-made shellac.

One pound cut shellac is used to limit penetration in end grain.
You will have to try it on a test piece, but stain is just thin paint.

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