Easiest way to remove mesh backing

ashrob123August 5, 2009

Hi all

I'm a newbie to mosaics. I've done a couple of pieces before at craft stores but never had to do everything from beginning to end. Well, I bought some tile online. Some is attached to paper (yeah) most is attached to plastic mesh (boo!). Had I known the pain that it was going to be to remove this stuff I would have made sure it was all paper. Anywho, does anyone have a quick and mess-free way to remove the mesh? I'm using rubbing alcohol now (50% dilution) and it's working but the adhesive is still stuck to each tile. It can be removed but I would rather avoid removing a sticky mess from 1000 pieces of tile.

Any advice is appreciated!

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First of all, Ash...

I haven't worked with tile like that, but I know one or more of the members here will come to your rescue quickly with an answer. Maybe the answer is to adhere the tile with the mesh attached. Hmmmm I have a lot to learn too!

What's your project? 1000 pieces of tile? Wow! Be sure to post pictures when you can!

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Welcome, ASH: I, too, hate those tiles on the mesh, but you buy what you can buy for the colors. I take the sissors to them, and leave the mesh on. Sometimes I cut them in strips, and apply the whole strip, or cut what I need while I'm using them. I'm thinking that your adhesive is a good thing, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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I too cut them, or if the mesh is a mess (I gt mine used) used can usually soak them in water.

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i also got some tiles on mesh. and i did all work by hand to remove them, but sometimes bits if mesh or glue still stayed on tiles.
it's ok when you have large projects but what do u do when you need to also cut tiles? like i do.
i also tried soaking them in water but didn't see a good improvement. and moreover, sometimes water made the mesh fall apart and when i removed tiles, bits/strings of mesh remained on the tiles.
so i decided removing it when dry is still ok. and i just use my hands. some glue remains won't bother me, but bits of strings/mesh WILL.

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I am like the rest and cut mine into strips and then cut what I need. The mesh left on the back doesn't hurt anything. If you just want them off, soak them in hot water and a little Dawn. They will come off easily. I read about someone that put hers in a big pot and covered with water and boiled them off but I think that is a little extreme. Welcome and good luck.

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Thanks for all of the advice and the welcome. I soaked in alcohol and that did pretty well and worked pretty quickly. I'm going to be cutting them so I do need to remove the majority of the mesh before hand. Sometimes the string stays on but that's only if I cut the mesh first. I've I put a big piece in it comes off immediately and with little trouble. The adhesive is white on the back until it dries and then (of course) it's invisible.

Thanks for all of your advice. Hopefully in the weeks to come I will have a WIP!

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