Fixing a scrape in finished wood

linnea56February 7, 2009

I bought a vintage walnut china cabinet that needs some TLC. A cabinet door loosened on its hinges and made semi-circular scrape marks on the flat surface in front of the door. While I have the door off I can re-stain the scrape but IÂm wondering what else I should do. (there is unstained wood on the back where I can test the shades first until I have it right) I think even if I get the color matched right the scrape may still be visible. It is not deep enough to fill.

Treat it like a dent and try to raise the wood? But since it is not sunk but rather abraded that might be a waste of time. Give it a light careful sanding with very fine sandpaper to try to smooth out the ridges? Or will that cause more damage than it cures? Thanks!

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Shellac burn in sticks are a common way to replace missing wood.
They are melted with a burn in knife (electric or alcohol burner heat) and then pressed into the damaged area.
They come in many shades, and you match the lightest shade present, then use paint or colored markers to fill in the darker areas.
The entire repair is then coated with shellac for protection and the clear top finish reworked.

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