pop up electrical outlet for kitchen island

kbandmeFebruary 24, 2008

I was watching HGTV and so a electrical outlet that poped up

out of the island (hidden until needed) I was wondering if

anyone knows where I can find something like this.

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wiremold/legrand manufacturers them. See the link for the hgtv website description.

Here is a link that might be useful: pop up recptacles

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There are plenty of these. Keep in mind that they don't generally satisfy the code requirement for an outlet on the island.

(I hadn't seen the kitchen specific one on the link below before)

Here is a link that might be useful: A bunch more from Mockett

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Here is the discussion on the Message board of NACHI (the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). The second page of the thread is particularly relevant - seems like most are saying they wouldn't be OK with it meeting Code.

Setting aside that the Power Gromett would likely not pass Code Inspection, there were some threads on the Kitchens Forum (since fallen off) about the difficulty of cutting the hole in the countertop for these grommets. If the hole is not cut absolutely precisely right, with little margin for error, the grommet either won't fit, or there'll be too much room and things will fall through.

Here is a link that might be useful: NACHI Forum Discussion on Power Grommets

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I read through that discussion and no one picked up on the fact that the unit is only rated for 15 amps. Counter receptacles are 20 amps.

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In the US, the circuit has to be 20A, the receptacles can be 15A as long as there is more than one. And I read the first link as having 15 OR 20A receptacles available.

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Wow. The guys on that inspectors forum seem to take great joy in finding interpretations making something illegal. So you might have some trouble getting it past your local inspector and would need to ask beforehand.

It looks to me like it should meet the intent if you had enough of them to match the standard fixed receptacle requirement, and if the UL testing covered the specific type of installation.

I don't see why they are comparing this to an extension cord from another room. If the UL testing covered the flexible cord as part of the device, I see no added hazard. You aren't going to overload it, walk on it, or trip over it. Some of them even seemed to be ok with the safety of the cord, but wouldn't count it as meeting the requirement for a kitchen counter. Seems to me if you have the required number always available for use, how it is connected is unimportant.

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My extended countertop is under a a low window & I could not add a wall outlet to meet the 4' rule without hitting framing behind the wall.

Looks like the Mockett receptacle will not meet the requirements for the 4' rule since it comes with a cord, and hence is considered a "tap".

I found this pop-up one from LEW that does have the UL code that will meet the countertop requirement--although it is not cheap, I have no other choice. Look partway down the page for the PUP-CT-BK (black) or PUP-CT-SS for stainless. Still checking the install details

Here is a link that might be useful: LEW pop-up Receptacle

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"I don't see why they are comparing this to an extension cord from another room."

The kitchen counter receptacles are a very specific code rule, and the cordage for a plug in item is not generally allowed in concealed permanent installations.

Since they are cord and plug connected they do not meet the intent of the NEC for permanent receptacles serving the kitchen wall-counter space.

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why are you quoting and replying to a post from Feb of 2008?

That bored?

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