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Calamity_JAugust 17, 2008

Here's an update of the fireplace, some of you have probably been wondering how long is this gonna take me!!!lol!!! I started out so the first pic, you can see that I was behaving and using my spacers...then I got busy and added the leaves and sorta adlibbed!lol! Then just continued..too busy for those little do hickeies!!!lol! I'm glad we don't have to use all these extra things in REAL mosaics!lol! I'm one of those "free range" chickens!ha!

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Calamity, you are going to love this fireplace always. The tiles you picked are rich and wonderful, and you've had a fun time playing with this project. The tile color and the wood on the floor are so beautiful together. What could be better than to have your work a focal point when it turns out so special? And we do love your posts. You always make me smile.

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Lookin good Jane!! I too love how the color compliments the floor. Is dh happy?

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that looks really great, love the colors, your DH should be very impressed with this.

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The fireplace looks great. Like the colors you used. Goes well with the floor coloring.

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DH was impressed!!! Today I am going to seal the slate(I really like the black slate border!) and then it'll be grouting time(wed)so I gotta rest up my elbow till then(developed tennis elbow at camp) I STILL haven't got my livingrm furniture and wall decor back up either, so it's looking so bare in here!!!lol! So the fireplace is Really standing out/focal point!ha!
Oh, and somebody might get their Tesserae Pkg a bit late as I am only sending it off today...but I just couldn't think of what to send and talked to Klinger about it and we agreed on an idea so I am just getting it together now!
DH is NOT in my good books...he STILL hasn't put that new front door on!!!!! grrrr....

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Man, I'm loving that fireplace! What an awesome job you've done! Take care of that elbow and we'll wait patiently for you to grout.....yeah, patiently, right! LOL! Seriously, take it easy cuz you don't want permanent damage for sure.

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It's gorgeous! Adds sooo much richness to the room! Can't wait to see it grouted.

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CALAM, that's looking super good!

For anyone in the exchange, DO NOT PANIC. Janie is sending to her recipient early so her package arrives approximately when everyone else's does. I did a mini-drawing for the USCanada shipments only. Hopefully the package going TO Janie is on its way also. If you are Janie's sender, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS! Keep it a secret! ;)


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Oh this is really beautiful. Excellent job!

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That is an awesome fireplace. Very classy!!

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WOW! Keep up the good work and a little time away was good for you. This is looking fantastic and I know you are proud. Glad to have you back, it was kinda bleak ere without you.

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That is so beautiful and classy! what a wonderful job!

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Wow BEAUTIFUL Jane, I BET your DH is enjoying this too. What about the perfect contractor?? I bet he is impressed.

Oh you did scare me good, because I haven't heard who my partner is and I have not sent out any tile because of this!!! Heart flips here. oh my oh my and with the tropical storm outside my window causing similar worries.
Na, we're okay the dogs are just freaking because they can't go outside...

Great JOB Jane,!! the colors, black slate, domacallits and floor color make this OUTSTANDING!! You will enjoy EVERY DAY that you look at.!!!

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All I can say is: My dear, this is a professional job, and it is absolutely beautiful. There won't be a re-sale pooblem w/this house because of this fireplace. It'll raise the price of your house.

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Jane, I agree with Slow on the re-sale issue!

Question - how hard was it to cut the tiles around the leaves?? Did you use a wet saw or what?? It sure looks hard with the curves in the leaves!!!

Beautiful, I can see people walking into your house, first they see your gorgeous door, and then this fireplace. If you don't watch it, you will have a bidding war on your hands LOL

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Thanks Everyone! I just grouted today...Yipee..I LOVE grouting! I used a big ziplock bag to grout around the leaves...did that first, always gotta eat dessert first!lol!! (I cut the tiles around the leaves with my glass ring saw (the blade was/is sooo dull(from cutting out the cement leaves probably)) Will be sealing it again(did 2 coats of sealer on it before grouting),(

Fireplace grouted

Nanaimo Gas Prices! lol!

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BEAUTIFUL. Did anyone tell you yet that you're a super chick and a fandangtastic mosaicist. That's so wonderful, CALAM. You sure did a professional job on this. I'll bet DH is ecstatic.

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Holy dawg snot!!
NO!! Really, maybe even a double dawg snot! Wow Janey!

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WOW Girls!! You sure know how to make me Beam!!! I do love the fireplace tho, I catch myself gazing at it!lol! I feel a big artistic streak coming upon me, and have been redoing my Art Room, hauled some shelving in from the shed(now I got a big mess in there to clean up also)I seem to make a HUGE's almost overwhelming!!!
DH is going away for the weekend and I am plotting to get someone over to put the front door on(shhhh)
Okay, here is a sad pic for ya to feel better about yourselves!!!lol!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Umm yeah...that is definitely a lot different from the pics you posted when you first finished your art room but as long as you keep cranking out your awesome projects...who cares what it looks like...I mean, besides your DH! LOL

LOVE THAT FIREPLACE JANE! Want to come make mine look pretty?

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Uh - let's see - how many times have you re-done that room???? Hmmmmmmmmmm?????

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Wozer Jane,

that is a BEAUTIFUL fireplace, right off the cover of Architectural Digest or such!!!! I would have this urge to invite every one I know, or have just met, to come see my new fireplace!!!!! LOL!!!

And heck, that is one awesome room for mosaicing.. guess you just need to find a place to work on.. LOl no really, it doesn't look that bad to me...

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Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous!
You did a fantastic job.
I had a workroom once, and I found that I didn't like being in there when someone else was home!
Now I work in the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on everything I guess.

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Janie, your fireplace is AWESOME!! LOVE how the leaves stand out against the slate...just the perfect touch of elegance there! You can come build me one and fix 'er up that purdy ANYTIME!


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Beautiful fireplace Jane, and yes your room does look a little different,something must be brewing,new project maybe?

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That is just the most beautiful fireplace, Jane. Wow! I bet you're glad it's done so you can enjoy it. It'll sure be wonderful this winter!

I sure can't criticize your workroom. I won't even post a photo of my storage. Disorganization happens pretty fast, doesn't it? I did get out there last night though and started on it. It was fun to see the things I found I'd forgotten I bought.

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Your fireplace is a Masterpiece!!! Enjoy,enjoy,enjoy!!! At least you can walk through your workroom. That's half the battle-getting to the "stuff". Couple of easy chairs & nice glowing fire & you'll forget about rest of world this winter!! Jan

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