Need help with window treatments for a 5-part bay window

movinginvaJuly 20, 2011

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I am trying to find some window treatment suggestions for a 5-part bay window. The window is wonderful and I have finally removed the ugly vertical blinds that were hanging there and covering the whole window. The problem I have is that you can only mount hardware from the top inside the bay window. There is no place to mount hardware on the sides of each of the panels, since it is just one big window.

I have considered doing shades, but the mechanism that is used to open the two side windows will be in the way and the shades will not hang well. I have looked for 5-part top mount curtain rods, and that apparently does not exist. I would prefer not to do mini blinds, but it is starting to look like my only option.

Any suggestions, or does anyone else here have that kind of bay window and maybe have pictures of what they used as window treatments. I need help as soon as possible. I do not want to put the horrible vertical blind back, and I currently have sheets of paper covering the windows.

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I would look at roller shades and maybe even the possiblity of battery powered ones. They will give you a clean look and clear view of your window openings.

If you want curtains, you can use an iron rod and have it bent to the corners of your bay windows. Use a mount at either end and 1 in the middle (screw it in place so the rod doesn't move). You can then close the curtains to the center of the opening without any major issues.

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