Location for Garbage Disposal switch from sink

slim_2February 4, 2007

We moved in a new house in Oct. and my wife mentioned the switch for the Garbage Disposal is too far from the sink, it takes a lot of stretching and reaching to get to it, and she went on in case of emergency, a fork, knife, spoon and especially a finger (god forbid) gets in there, I don't think I could get to the switch. I checked and agree, the switch is located 41" from the sink to the switch, our other homes the sw. has always been 12" or so max. I'm embarrased my wife had to notice this before me. Hoping someone on the forum can give me the location per code to save further ribbing.

Thanks for any help you can provide!!!!

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i am interested in seeing what the code is myself. we just remodeled our kitchen and located it inside the sink base cabinet....

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I added a dosposer in my former home and put the switch in the base cabnet as well. an electrician told me that was fine to do when adding it after the kitchen was put togther, it always worked well and no one ever turned it on thinking it was a light switch.

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There really are no codes to this. If the disposal is plugged in then the disconect rule does not apply and the switch could be in your living room if you wanted it there hah. If the disposal is hardwired then the switch serves as a disconect and it must be under 6'7" from the floor and within sight of the appliance. The switch placement is only based on the common sense of the installer. Switches in cabinets are common and allowed. Also have seen them inside a flip door right below the sink.

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