Hope Chest

adichristiFebruary 12, 2008

Has anyone ever made one?

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handymac, Could you please tell me how you did it. Who did you make it for? Thank you!

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I have made several. The first was using oak plywood for the panels and solid oak for the frame. I added an upholstered top with padding, since it was going to be placed in a hallway and used partially to put on/take off shoes. I built the frame utilizing mitered joints and inset panels(the 1/4" plywood). The top was 3/4" thick oak ply with the best side as the inside of the top---seen with top open. I added triangular corner gussets in each inside corner for added strength and a piano hinge for the top.

All the pictures were lost in a hard drive meltdown several years ago. It was made for a friends wife.

I made another with what is called apple ply---the ply from home improvement stores that is made from light colored woods and is fairly smooth on one side.

A third was made from pine and lined with aromatic cedar.

If you want to make one and have never made anything like it, find an illustrated book on furniture building that includes chests. It will show you some of the various ways to use in construction.

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When my oldest daughter was 13, she made one for herself. It is a Shaker-style from cherry. Just a slab lid with a single drawer.

Almost any introductory woodworking plans book will have one in it. Right now, I've just finished reading Mag Raffan's "How Hard Can It Be?" book and there is a "Easiest Hope Chest Ever." To me, it looks a lot like a packing crate, but is a very simple project to do for a beginner or someone with few tools.

You can really go all out with drawers, tills, veneer, and applied molding and scroll work (like the last one I refinished), or as simple as you want.

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