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dhustonJuly 1, 2011

Trying to decide on windows for new construction and could use some help deciding. Quotes I have so far are Jeld-Wenn, PGT, MI, and Shwinco. All windows are single hung, impact, and Low -E glass. The MI quote also was for argon as well. The Shwinco are the best priced, about 1k less than the other brands which are all within a few hundred of each other. I just dont know anything about the quality of these windows. I have a builder friend that just put the Shwinco in a house he built and didnt have any problems that I know of. Also, they are built right around the corner from my work.

I haven't tried to negotiate any of the prices yet. So if one of the other brands is much better than the Shwinco I can try and see if I can get the price down a little. Please let me know what you think.


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Windows on Washington

Any information you can provide about what window you will need (i.e. operator type, options, etc) will help get you more feedback on your choices.

I would eliminate the MI window from consideration. The PGT window has a good reputation.

Having a window "just put" in a home does not really give you a good sample study on the window's build quality and lifespan.

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From my point of view MI is garbage, so if those other brands are in the same price range be careful. If Schwinco is less than MI be extra careful!!!

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Windows we will need are pretty basic I guess. Single Hung, low-e, impact glass, no grids. There are a couple fixed glass but not anything special that I know of.

I had never heard of MI so it is good to know that there reputation is questionable. The PGT was actually cheaper than the MI windows anyway.

All of the quotes are pretty close to each other. Shwinco was around 9k and the rest were between 10k and 10.5k. This is for 24 windows.

Thanks for the help so far

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MI or Metal Industries has also been know thru time as Capitol Windows (or Crapitol as we called them).

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I'm not familiar with Schwinco so I can't help you there. I can tell you that PGT is a pretty good window. Are you looking at the 2100 series? I have sold hundreds of PGT windows and they are vey solidly built.

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