Matching old oak stair parts to new. Please help.

weehavengardenFebruary 16, 2013

First of all THANK YOU all for any advice you can offer!

We have a 25 year old stairway (please see photo) that has an open skirt, risers, and treads all in oak one side. This is followed by plywood for carpeting. The plywood then abuts a white wall skirt board.

I would like the stairway to look more balanced. So I am planning to attach oak plywood to the white wall skirt board and also trim it in oak so that it will look more like a wood stairway with a runner. Then I will add new carpeting over the plywood.

The question is how do I get the two sides of oak to match in color? I think the original oak was polyurethaned, not stained--but I am not sure.

Should I remove the polyurethane and reapply a new coat to both sides? Should I remove the polyurethane and re-stain both sides the same color? I would like to go a little darker and less honey/orange color of possible.

Should I just try to match the existing color? How do I do that?

If I should remove the urethane and reapply it or re-stain, what is the best way to go about it? Please be specific because I am new at this.

Please help. We have to do all the work ourselves and can't afford a new stairway.


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Sorry picture is sideways :-( Im am not sure why I can't straighten it!

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