How lucky do you think I could get?

momof3_stepof1August 31, 2011

My ds16 was told by his sm yesterday that he needed to call and talk to his dad... apparently the cell phone still isn't turned back on. He called and he'd already left for work so he called his grandma. Apparently his dad may be sent to Mexico to help setup and open a new factory for his job there. So.... if SS BM new dh gets moved to either LA or Texas and ds16 dad gets sent to Mexico for a bit... hmmmmm, it could be nice and quiet! :) BUT... you know... it would be really nice for ds16 bd to let me know these things so incase of emergency I know what to do.

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You think you are lucky now - it won't be so funny when BM is in Texas and your ex is in Mexico, and one fine weekend they are both on a weekend getaway and happen to meet and fall in love! Yikes!

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LMAO!!!! That'd actually be quite funny!! Except we used to do a three way meet at one location. They've each seen eachother there... so they know who they are. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it it probably won't happen. I think Bm's type is more sperm donor then ds16 anyway. HAHA!

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