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applexJuly 27, 2014

I was shown the alside mezzo window by a local contractor. The price was cheap but the window looked kind of flimsy and a tad cheap looking. . I am NOT going to make the dumb mistake of buying something just because its cheap.
One thing that was strange was the fact that the mezzo cannot be ordered in triple pane glass. When i asked the contractor why, he kind of shrugged and said he didnt know. That had me thinking the alside mezzo frame cant handle the weight of triple pane even though i am looking more at double pane.
I did notice most of those " jack of all trades" contractors who sell cheap seem to use alside windows. Just an observation.
Any opinions on the alside mezzo from the pro's here?

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The alside mezzo is basically an alside excalibur frame with a different sill.
You are correct, the mezzo cannot be ordered in triple pane glass and i also suspect its due to the frame not being strong enough to handle the extra weight. All the high end/ well designed windows can easily handle the weight of 4 panes, never mind triple pane. So yes, that is a concern. further, the mezzo doesnt come with a foam filled frame option, just like the excalibur does'nt.
If you look at the inside corners of the mezzo sash, you will notice unsightly fuzzy pads( square fuzz pads). This is because without them, more air will leak through the meeting rails. Higher end windows dont use fuzzy pads.

I also agree that a lot of low budget contractors use Alside windows or even MI Windows which are absolutely horrible in my opinion. There will always be a market for a window just because its cheap because far too many consumers try to convince themselves that a cheap price means a good deal. Wrong !!!!!!

A good deal is a good product, a good install, at a fair price.
Ive seen consumers go with a company just because the price was 12,000 rather than 13,000 for a much better product, thats just foolish. A 1,000 difference for something that will last decades is nothing. I will never understand those decisions.

I would look at Sunrise Windows( not the essentials), Okna Windows, Soft Lite, and Kensington. You will then clearly see the difference in quality,

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Depending on where you are located, there are better windows out there.

I would keep searching around.

I think mmarse1 advice is spot on as well when it comes to spending the right amount to get the best window that you can afford.

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The Mezzo window by Alside is a great product. Our firm is one of the leading window installation companies in the Midwest. We were the first to try the Mezzo window when it was introduced early in 2014. Now with thousands installed the Mezzo is proving to be everything we hoped for in an updated window design. We have the highest rating on Angie's List so our product quality, integrity, and support are paramount. We have a 30 yr relationship with the Alside brand and there is no manufacturer with a better warranty and support system.

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The Mezzo is NOT a great product and quite frankly i'm a bit shocked that you would come to this forum and pump a product like that. I would imagine you cater to the low end market ?
First off, Mezzo does not come in triple pane which is probably due to the fact that it cant handle the extra weight; meaning the frame is weak.
Second, if you ever tilt the window in, look at the keeper , its very flimsy. In fact, if you pull on it just a bit, it bends rather easily. To me, thats an open invitation for air infiltration and a security concern.
I am also told it doesnt come with a foam fill option?
There are plenty of better windows out there.

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How many Mezzo windows have you installed?

We work mostly in the $400k - $800k range.

You can have an opinion but your views are far from reality. We are working in the real world installing the Mezzo product.

Here is a home we recently installed Mezzo windows in - $700k +

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I dont care if you installed 100 million, Mezzo is a flimsy window. that picture means nothing.
another tell tale sign of a flimsy window are those ugly fuzzy pads that needs to be glued to the corner of the sash.
I can buy the Alside Mezzo window extremely cheap and sell it cheap which will entice alot of buyers, i wont because its flimsy. I would much rather offer my customers a higher quality vinyl window.
Isnt is also true that Alside has financial problems? Look that up and read their earnings report.

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I am a contractor that has been installing the Mezzo for almost a year now. We like the strength of the frame on the product.

They do not have triple pane quite yet but the window was re-engineered last year for the ability to have triple pane. Alside just has not rolled that feature out yet. They redesigned the old Excalibur window to become the Mezzo for future Energy Star requirements which will most likely be achieved with triple pane glass

I could provide almost any brand to my clients and feel this is a great product and an even better value. Most contractors that would provide this window will be lower priced than the "Big Guys" that employ high pressure sales tactics to pressure clients into the higher priced windows. Most higher priced windows have expensive marketing campaigns behind them that have to be paid for by the client.

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Give me a break. The Mezzo is still cheaply designed. As i said, tilt in the window and see how flimsy the meeting rail is. Then pull on the keeper and see how easy it bends.
Further, look at the cheap fuzzy that they need to glue at the corners of the meeting rails.
C'mon guys, you all just recently join this forum and then start posting about it. Cut the garbage. You are acting as bad as the window is; thats pretty bad.

I know many companies that employ high pressure sales tactics selling the Mezzo so whats your point..

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