So mad at my sister right now.....

mom2emallAugust 10, 2010

I have posted before about my 20yr old sister who thinks everyone owes her. She planned a wedding with a guy she barely knew and begged for wedding gift $ up front to plan the wedding. When she knew they were breaking up she kept it secret and still had the shower so she could get more gifts. Everyone was out money and she refused to return wedding presents and money. She lied and said she could not get most of her deposits back.

Now she does not have a job and receives welfare benefits for her 1 year old child. Now she just booked plane tickets for two seperate vacations!!! Wonder where that money came from?? Perhaps her wedding deposits she said she was not getting back?? I harped on her and she told me she would give me $100 back, which is what I gave her towards her wedding dress. I did not even ask for the money back I put out for her hoax of a wedding shower.

The other day she called me and asked if her and 3 of her friends could come swimming at my house. I said ok. They were swimming with my son. Then they went to our hot tub and my son turned on the jet and water accidentaly sprayed all over because the water level was below the jet. My sister came inside and told me that her friends cell phone got ruined because it was near the hot tub. She said it now has water damage and does not work and began telling me I am lucky she has insurance because it will only cost me $100 to replace the phone!!!

My response was something along the lines of "ARE YOUR CRAZY?? You invite yourself and 3 friends to my house to swim and your friend is stupid enough to leave her cell phone sitting near a hot tub and then you want me to replace it when it gets wet? NO WAY!" So my sister went back outside with a look of shock on her face. (A little while later I saw her friend texting on the "broken" phone.

Later I find out from my other sister that the friend had just been to her cell phone store a few days earlier because of problems with her phone and the store had told her that it was water damaged so she had to pay a deductable to get it fixed!!! So the phone was already water damaged and they thought they would sucker me into paying for it???

The real kicker is I went on the cell phone companies website and saw that the deductable was anywhere from $39-$89 depending on the model phone she has.....not $100.

I am beyond mad at my sister for trying to rip me off. I just figured this stuff out last night so I already tried calling her today and left her a message to call me.

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I would avoid doing favors for her, certainly no favors for her friends, and I would never invite that particular friend over. She wants to go swimming, why not try waterpark or community pools?

I would rethink the whole relationship pattern with your sister. I would limit it to interacting with her at your parents houses where she can't take advantage of you. I am not surprised she tried to rip you off, she did it with the wedding shower, so it is a pattern.

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Wow. That is ballsy!

I'm sorry. I know she is your sister and you love her but she sounds like a user/abuser.

I would try very hard to keep your relationship with her on a superficial level--and definitely no more doing favors for her OR allowing her in your home or pool when you're not there to supervise.

She sounds completely untrustworthy. Hopefully she will mature as she gets older...but I think she needs some tough love for that to happen!

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Sorry to be so blunt, but your sister is a liar and a cheat.
And with no exception for family members -- so in my book, even worse.

I'd have to agree with LH and P1 -- Keep this shady character at a distance.

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If a guest sustains loss or injury at your home, your homeowners insurance will pay for it without deductible.

Your sister wanted to get $100 out of you.

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That is so unfortunate. There are a fair number of twenty year olds who think that the world owes them, but your sister sounds like she's begun to take steps to get what she feels "owed", one way or another. I agree with the others; I'd keep Sis at a distance because I wouldn't really foresee this situation getting better anytime soon.

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