cracks in beam

weaseFebruary 8, 2009

I had a large remodel project that started 2 years ago. There is a beam in my kitchen area that has some splitting in it that appeared right away. It hasn't changed since it was installed and the engineer says it's a characteristic in the wood. I'm wondering if I can putty these splits and sand it smooth? Any suggestions for a good holding putty that won't spit out and will maybe flex if need be?

These splits appeared in every piece of douglas fir in my home, structural and non-structural. I don't mind the look but my wife would like to see it smoothed out.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Totally normal. The cause comes from the difficulty of evenly drying a piece of timber that size. The outside dries quickly, but the interior can take years to dry. Drying causes the wood to move and when the outside and inside moves differently, cracks appear.

You can fill the cracks with wood filler, but matching the color will be difficult.

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I have the original stain that was used on the timber. Is there a putty I could use that would take the stain the same way as the doug fir?

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I doubt it. Most manufacturers advertise their filler will stain---but they seldom match---and some don't stain well.

But, experimenting can be interesting, if not actually fun.

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You can get the colored putty used to fill hardwood floors.
The colors can be intermixed to get a closer shade.

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