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dazzlemewithcolorFebruary 6, 2011

Being sick to death with oak, I really am ready to make a drastic change. Please help me figure this out. If I can get this entry way looking more like us, I think it will be a good start to getting the ball rolling as far as decorating the rest of the house.

And here are my stairs.

And another view...

If I painted the risers and spindles, stained darker the steps, railings, newel posts, and the skirt board on the wall...does this mean I have to paint all my trim white as well? Like I said, I rather would have to stain the trim all darker, maybe match the steps?

And here is the front door which needs staining also. It is opposite of the stairs.

Stairs that I adore...

traditional staircase design by architect Richard Taylor Architects

traditional spaces design by san francisco interior designer Fiorella Design

traditional staircase design by seattle architect Sullivan Conard Architects

And here, on the other side of the stairs is the DR.

See, I told you there was a lot of honey oak. All this trim needs updating. Don't worry, this hideous chandy is coming down any day as soon as new fixture arrives.

Also, we do plan on replacing the flooring with wood in a few years. Have not painted walls other than DR since I wanted to work on the wood before hand.

I really would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you

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I would think twice about painting the risers--mine always get scuff marks. I much prefer the look of white (without scuffs) risers, but if I knew that mine were always going to get scuffed I would have considered wooden risers. I would first try painting the spindles and see if that gets you what you want.

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