quest re: using table saw to cut aluminum window screens

growingadviceJuly 19, 2014

hi, anyone know or have experiance if a table saw (10" blade) could be used to cut the window screen framing?

if so, what type of blade would you recommend? number of teeth, kerf, etc.


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I would get a reinforced fiber wheel and use that.

Tenryu makes a good metal cutting blade as well.

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thank you.

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I frequently cut aluminum with a powered miter saw. Key is to use a carbide tipped blade and a good wax lubricant. The wax comes in a solid stick or tube (boelube is good) most home depots have this. Spin the saw up and press the wax on the blade, it will leave a coat of wax on the blade. Then as you cut, the wax will melt and lubricate the cutting surfaces. I'm usually cutting something more robust than screen frames. You'll need a fine tooth blade. Check a picture frame shop or site for picture frame materials. They use the same technique.

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Good Advice lkbum.

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