wiring a jacuzzi tub

scalawagyFebruary 21, 2010

Hi all I'm installing a jetted jacuzzi tub in my second floor bath. The tub has a pump motor and an in line heater. Both call for separate 15 amp gfci protected circuits. The outlets for these will be under the tub, accessible, but not without some effort. Am I wrong in planning to use gfci breakers, rather than outlets?

Secondly, both units call for a #8 solid copper bonding wire routed back to the service panel or other approved location. Can one wire bond both the pump and heater? Would the cold water copper pipe at the tub be an approved location?

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GFI breakers and regular receptacles would be the best bet, for just the accessibility reason you stated.

The #8cu solid DOES NOT have to go back to a service panel. it is a BOND, not a ground.
The #8 has to connect to the motor, heater housing and any metallic water pipes associated with the tub.

I just did one this week with all PVC piping on the tub and all PEX feed lines. The #8 went from the motor lug to the heater lug. That's IT.

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Thanks, Petey Racer, for the info. But it leaves me a bit confused.

In your situation, if there hadn't been a heater, would you have bonded the pump to any thing?

Guess I need to school myself on the difference between bonding and grounding. I have considered them to be similar. In this case, I thought, that bonding the pump and heater housing with the copper wire gives an errant charge in the housing a path to follow, hopefully away from a person in a tub of water.

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I just read the thread "bonding vs. grounding. I'll read it a few more times, and I might get it.

Thanks, you people are great!

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