Staining window muntins--how to get excess off glass?

slateberry51February 18, 2011

Hi, I'm staining the interior of a fixed (non-opening) pine window. To get it to blend with other woodwork in the house, i'm starting with a 5% dewaxed shellac washcoat, then some gel stain, then sealing with 2# cut dewaxed shellac (zinnser seal coat), then finishing up with general finishes topcoat wiping varnish, which may or may not get a bit of pigment in it if necessary for final tint matching.

The gel and varnish are going on with a rag; the shellac steps will be done with a brush.

I'm not worried about getting shellac off the glass, but the rag application of the gel and varnish steps is going to be messy. So I think I'll tape the glass, but still, there will probably be bleeding along the edges. Should I be nervous about scratching the glass if I use a razor blade to get the bleed off? Any other suggestions for getting the gel and varnish off the glass?

Is there a better way to approach this overall? I did 4 windows 3 years ago, except last step was polyurethane instead of varnish because I didn't know better at the time, and I still haven't got the edges of the window glass looking nice (bc I'm nervous with the razor, and suspect that nothing else will work on the polyurethane at this point.)

Could one of you power posters just do a vulcan mind meld with me? I never knew how much I didn't know until I started browsing this forum :-)

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Get a holder for single edged razor blades. Many auto parts stores have a type that has blade storage in the handle and a long shaft. I like that type better than the fold away metal holders.

Use the scrapers as soon after removing the tape and when the finish has started to set. Material will have a tendency to stick to the blade of the razor. Getting it off safely can be done by having a rag handy. Lay the rag on a flat surface, hold the far end, and drag the blade away from the hand to clean.

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Wrap a tee-shirt weight piece of rag around the edge of a small putty knife. This can get into corners. Use with or without lacquer thinner depending on timing.

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OK, now I can proceed with confidence. Thanks!

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