Pricing:Eagle vs Marvin Integrit Wood/Ultrex

batman71July 8, 2012

Evaluating windows for a new home. Eagle came in at $27,000 but I am considering lower cost options due to being over budget. My head is starting to hurt so would appreciate helpful feedback!

I like what I have read about the Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex. I have not priced them yet but there is a post in this forum from May where the poster said that Integrity was at $29K while Eagle was about 50% higher at $44K! Then, I read another post where someone said that for their project, Eagle and Integrity were about the same. In both cases, I have to assume they were comparing apples-to-apples.

FWIW, I am using casement units and the majority of them are 36" x 72", some fixed and some operating.

I am open to other makes. I would like to stay with a design having wood interior such that we can stain as desired. If going to aluminum clad, I like the heavier gauge aluminum extrusion (as compared to Pella) used by Eagle or Marvin Ultimate but unfortunately neither will probably work in my budget. I am OK with fibrerglas or vinyl but we do require exterior color options other than white.

All that being said, can anyone shed some light on where the Integrity Wood/Ultrex will fall from a pricing standpoint?

Are there others I should be considering in light of my parameters?

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Why don't you just contact a few dealers and ask them to come out, get some measurements, look at what you want done, talk to you about the diferent options that are available and then work up an estimate based on what you want rather than trying to get pricing on the internet?

Most dealers I know are pretty honest and really do want to help you make the right choice. Why don't you give them a chance to help you?

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First of all, as I mentioned in my initial post, it's a new home so there's nothing to come out and measure. Secondly, I would rather not waste my time nor the time of the salesperson ( I am in sales myself) if the Integrity is going to come in comparable to Eagle.
Just trying to get a feel for relative cost....

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Pricing can vary greatly for the same product from dealer to dealer based on the geographic region you reside in. Additonaly, labor costs can also vary greatly depending on the local labor market, unemployment rates, benefits offered by the dealer and whether he employs his own full time installers of subs out his installations. It can also vary based on the detail quality of the install.

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A straight up answer from experience:
The Integrity is priced compared to the Andersen 400s. The Eagles are about 5-8% higher then the 400s. So you can expect the Integrity windows to be slightly less, but do not expect a big difference. The Eagles have more options, but I do think fiberglass is the way things are moving. It is a solid window for sure. You can not go wrong with either.

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Thanks for your input, Izerarc..

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We are looking at Marvin also, but I'm not too sure about the locking system. The one I saw in the local showroom has the "catch" on the moving window itself (casement). I also recall the locking system being exposed when the window is open.

Is my recollection correct about the locking system?

Can anyone offer any insight with regard to this?

thanks for your professional opinions.

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The lock will be visible when the window is open but that is nothing different than every other casement on the market today.

It is a multi-point locking system on most of the newer casements.

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