Mac Glue Question

curbdiver1954August 17, 2008

Starting a bowling ball with crash glass, using Mac glue for the adhesive. Fortunately I am working with fairly large sections, but that brings to mind a I brush it onto the bb in an area large enough to lay the section of glass? OR Should I brush it on the back of the section then place the section on the bb? Finger for the brush or a regular brush?? I've used it for small pieces, but this is the first time for large sections and I really don't want the glue to start drying before I get the glass placed.


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Pat I haven't worked with cg yet but am anxious to see your bb. Many on this forum have and will soon pipe in to give you an answer.


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I've worked with Mac...prefer it actually, but not on a curved surface like a bowling ball. I've learned to just grab my glass piece with my long handled tweezers and dip the glass in the small (very small) puddle of glue. That seems to keep it cleaner for me. I say a very small puddle cuz I've noticed that it does dry quick and you really need such a tiny amount. Good luck!

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