Slider or Dual Casement in front of Kitchen Sink?

rdonchezJuly 27, 2014

I'm considering going forward with window replacement in my home. It will likely be the Okna 800DX series. One thing I am torn about is the type of window I should use in front of the sink in my kitchen. I have an opening that is approximately 38 inches wide by 36 inches tall. Presently there are two casement windows that fill this space with a typical bar down the center. In receiving quotes, its been mentioned that I could also opt to put a slider in this space, which would probably save around $500. Our counters are not too deep so reaching the window is not a huge concern.

Any thoughts or considerations? What do most people do? Thanks.

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I dont think your savings would be as much as 500 though. To save some money, a slider makes sense.

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The slider will also give you a bit more glass and larger feel to it as well.

Seems like win - win to me.

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I like the idea of an awning in that location. 38" is pretty narrow to have a vertical bar splitting it in two and you can eliminate it with an awning.Usually the operator is on the bottom so opening the window shouldn't be an issue either.

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We have casements in our new house, a first for me. One thing I discovered that I did not like about them was the inability to open while raining. If they are not covered and are opened wide, they are sticking out in the rain. For a kitchen, this could be important depending on the roof line above the window. In this case a slider would be an improvement.

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