Phone Jack Wiring

JedziemyFebruary 2, 2012

How do I properly connect these? All web sites I've seen talk about white with green/blue/or orange stripes. These wires have a single stripe running the length of the cable. One white with a single blue stripe, one white with single green, and one white with single orange. The rest are solid colors. Anyone?

(In the second picture, you can see the blue stripe)

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It appears that you have 3-pair wiring coming to the wall jack. Assuming it was wired correctly at the NID (network interface device) - where the telephone company connection terminates at your residence - the pair sequence is:

1st pair - Blue/White w/tracer --- 2nd pair - Orange/White w/tracer --- 3rd pair - Green/White w/tracer.

The wiring for your jack would be as follows:

Blue/White - to - Red/Green (ring/tip) respectively.

Orange/White - to - Yellow/Black (ring/tip) respectively.

Green/White - Not used

However, you MUST check the other end to confirm it was wired correctly at the NID.

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sometimes it is blue with a white strip and white with a blues stripe. Sometimes it is solid blue and white with a blue stripe.

so it would be Blue and White/Blue, Orange and White/Orange and Green and White/Green.

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