Soft Lite Envision vs. Imperial LS

24MarenJuly 11, 2013

I have read a couple of posts here that indicate the Soft Lite Envison product is their entry grade window. The sales guy, however, told me that this isn�t true and that the only difference between the Envision and LS is the frame finish. The LS is a little better because of the finish that allows it to be painted and allows for interior wood grain look frames. Where the Envisions will only allow for the white and beige exterior and interior looks. I checked the numbers and:

Air .06
U factor .22
Structural 153 mph

Air .02
U factor .16
Structural 187

So the LS is a better window � BUT the numbers on the Envision seem pretty good too. Are there any thoughts on this?

The only thing I am finding is that the dealer tries to avoid giving you a discount for the slightly less performing Envision and seems to want to quote them at the same price as the LS. I think I can push them on this though and end up with a pretty good window and a pretty good price, that would suit my needs adequately.

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The Envision numbers look pretty good.

It is probably just a branded Imperial Pro or Barrington/Bainbridge.

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Softlite does not make a bad window at any level IMO, but make no mistake, those two windows are NOT the same. The imperial LS/elements is their world class model and shares virtual nothing except glass packages with the other lines. You should see a significant discount with the other lines.

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We were told by the local manager that the Imperial LS is $65 more per window than the Envision.

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