Building New Home--Need Window Advice?

Central79July 26, 2012

We are building a new brick home in NC. We will be using double-hung windows. Our trim will be white and the interior will be white.(So we do not need to paint the windows inside or out.)

We are looking for the best trade-off between quality and value.( we do not want to use wood windows, our current house has wood windows that mostly stick.)

Any advice for brand and model of new home vinyl windows looking for best mix of quality and good value?

Likewise, what about fiberglass windows (such as Marvin ultrex integrity)? How do they compare to vinyl windows? Do thay have a long track record? What are the problems with fiberglass? Is any one using them or has used them and would you recommend them?

We really appreciate any help or advice.

Thanks so much!

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Integrity is an excellent choice, but not all wood windows stick like not all sharks bite.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Marvin Integrity is probably a near perfect fit for your application.

Solid warranty, won't rot, more "woodlike" look to it.

Fiberglass is a well proven window material and Marvin is a solid company all around.

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Thanks. We have visited nearby Marvin Showroom. Definitely impressive windows. Not sure for the price that we sure use all Ultrex.

We also saw an MGM all vinyl window --model 8010 with brick moulding. Does anyone have any knowledge about these windows or MGM vinyl windows?

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Anyone have knowledge or opinions about PVC windows such as Windsor Legend or TekView all PVC? Or usinng PVC in general?
Do they hold up; is their wood rot problems behind the PVC?
Thanks so much!

(double-hung windows with all brick house)

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You could also consider getting fiberglass windows from the following Canadian companies:

Thermatech Fiberglass Fenestration (Ottawa area)
Fibertec Windows (Toronto area)
Inline Fiberglass windows (Toronto area)

After extensive research we learned that Fiberglass is an excellent way to go. We also considered the Marvin Integrity line, but preferred to have fiberglass inside and outside, and I think the Ultrex line from Marvin priced out higher than the windows from the companies listed above. We went with the Thermatech Fiberglass line, but could have been happy with the others as well. Of course, for us the shipping distance was not a problem for these Canadian companies, so I am not sure where you are located and what shipping costs would entail. These companies do ship internationally.

Good luck. Window selection is a tough one, and an expensive part of the build.


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Thanks Carol!

We are indeed finding it frustrating, and difficult to pick windows. We looked at the Marvin Integrity ALL ULTREX fiberglass windows but did not feel the look warranted the high price.

Anyone else with windows, (non-wood) they used and can recommend?
( new construction brick home)

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I also did not find the Marvin Infinity All Ultrex attractive looking. The Marvin Intergrity wood inside/ fiberglass outside ones were nicer looking for sure. In fact look is what helped me to finalize my decision to go with Thermatech Fiberglass windows over the other fiberglass options. I found the screens of all things less attractive on two of the fiberglass makers (Inline and Fibertec). I will warn you that vinyl will be cheaper than the fiberglass, as I imagine you have discovered.

If you do consider Inline Fiberglass, I believe they make a very energy efficient double hung window. Our windows were casement.


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I think Inline makes one of the most energy efficient fiberglass windows available. They also offer tilt and turn windows and doors.

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30% saved on their utility bills as well!! Dam the only way that could be true is if they shut of the heat and air conditioning dam near year round!!

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Well, they are no longer claiming 50% savings. At least that's a step in the right direction. Of course the Attorney Generals in various States might have had some influence on that claim. :)

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Central 79,

Have you decided what windows to get? How goes the decision making? Window choosing was one of the hardest for me.


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There is a very good reason this was assumed to be spam as Champion is known as a low end window quality wise that is sold as a price point window with below average installation. And 30% savings on heating and air conditioning is a complete fallacy.

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Thanks OntarioMom, I agree with you, finding the right window is way harder than we ever imagined and way harder than it should be.
At this time Our builder got us a sample of the Windsor Pinnacle Aluminum Clad wood window and we have a quote that came in at the top of our allowance (yea!).

We also have seen samples of Marvin Integrity Ultrex/Wood windows (sold by all the building supply Cos. near us)and we like it as well. We just received the quote and it is higher than the Widnsor pinnacle but not nearly as much higher as we were predicting.

Our GC also said he would have to charge more for installation of the Marvin Integrety since we have a large triple window unit and one large quad unit that will have to be assembled together on-site. (the Windsor Pinnacle triple and quad will come as one assembled unit to the site).

In addition we have several large Oval windows in an attic area. The Marvin window quote suggests using a less expensive Plygem 300 instead of Marvin. This costs 1/2 what the Windosr Pinnacle ALuminum Ovals would cost.

I just do not know if it is good idea to "mix and match" if they will be similar enough in color(white) or not. (we are using white so the Pinnacle is white aluminum, the Marvin Ultex is white fiberglass and the Plygem is white vinyl. Again the window seller says the Ovals will be in the attic only and should " match well enough."

Any suggestions or advice?

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Hi Central 79,

Glad to hear you are narrowing down your window options -- it will be good for you to get the decision made so you can move on to the next big decision. I don't know anything about either the Windsor or Plygem windows, but hopefully you will get feedback from the window experts on this forum about these two brands. I know Integrity is a popular choice on this board.

As per mixing different window materials, I think that would not be a problem with the attic windows, or any basement windows. We have vinyl in our basement, and on the north front face of our home. Before starting our addition we had recently replaced all the north facing windows with a high quality vinyl windows. When we chose to go with fiberglass for the addition, I was worried they would not go. However, this has not proven to be a problem given all the windows on one side of the house are the same. All of our windows are white like you are suggesting. For sure the vinyl windows we have have thicker mullions than the fiberglass, but they don't look that different. Now we don't have wood on the interior as you are considering as our fiberglass windows are fiberglass on the inside and outside -- not sure if that makes a big difference.

I was unclear from your post where you were planning to mix the windows. Will different windows be in the same room? Will different windows be on the same side of the house viewed from the exterior? I do think the attic fixed ovals will not look out of place with your main floor fiberglass windows. Are you planning to mix two or three different kinds of windows?

What do others think about mixing different windows?


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