Calamity_JAugust 30, 2008

I was out with Klinger and we found this metal bamboo shaped stand, I heard it call my name...then I get it home with the idea that I would do some stained glass leaves and a hangy thing..crystal/beads/something? the middle...well I got home and my Tess Pkg had leaves!!! And then I was thinking of a panda hanging down..with a I went on the web and found a pattern of a panda I is a nightlight pattern but I have shrunk it even smaller(1/2 the size) and will be cutting this panda out and soldering it together and putting it away till Christmas for my DD(She Loves Pandas!)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh WOW Calamity,

That is going to be so PRECIOUS!! Such an adorable puppy.. er panda.LOL.

That is such a great idea, keep us posted, can't wait to see it's progress..!!! You're DD is going to be so thrilled!!!! You'll have to take a pix of her face!!!

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That is going to be a great present!!

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Isn't it funny where and how inspiration can hit you?
This is going to be lovely...can't wait to see it!

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What an adorable stand and what a great idea of what to do with it. I love pandas too. Your DD will love it!

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What a wonderfully precious idea and pattern! It is so satisfying when things "just" come together! Your DD will love this piece for sure.


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