4-wire kitchen range wiring

Bill5252February 6, 2013

Will be installing a new range (240V 50A) where the cooktop now is. Will be replacing the cable from the breaker to the range. The cable that Home Depot has is a 4 wire cable with three 6 ga wires and one smaller wire (looks like about 12 ga) for ground. I would like to connect this cable from the breaker to a 4 wire 50 amp receptacle behind the range.
Now Home Depot also has a 6 ft range cable that has eyelets for connecting inside the range and has a 4 wire plug on the other end that would plug into the new receptacle behind the range. This 4 wire cable is two 6 ga and two 8 ga I believe.
This means that the ground will be 8 ga between the range and receptacle and 12 ga between the receptacle and breaker. Is this correct? What is the 'standard' way to wire a new range?

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No doubt the cable you describe has a #10 ground. Tell us the markings on the cable.

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6/3 W/G TYPE NM-B 600V (UL).

There are some more dates and stuff that I can get if needed.

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Use that. It will have the #10 ground which is completely code compliant.

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Thanks bus_driver, I really appreciate it.
I might also look for a 4 ft range cable. That 6 ft cable is a horse!

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