Locked IN! How to fix Anderson Hinged Patio Door Lock?

kashmiJuly 3, 2011


First, apologies for posting to a windows forum; but there is no door forum, so I'm hoping there will be some Anderson experts here who can help.

We have a set of Anderson Hinged Patio doors. Both open. For latching, one is "passive" and the other is "active." To lock the doors, you pull up on the passive door handle, then pull up on the active door handle, then you can turn the latch for the deadbolt.

Last night, however, DH did something that ended up with the active handle in the up position which has rendered the door completely locked (we cannot open it) -- even though we can turn the deadbolt latch to slide the deadbolt back. We cannot, however, get the handle to move down -- and so the door will not open.

Of course, it's Sunday, and the Anderson help line is not operative. I've downloaded the hardware installation and replacement guides, but they both assume you can open the door.

Of course, this is the primary door that we use to get from the house to the back yard.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks very much in advance.

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The door originally came with a temporary handle, which is a square rod that is bent 90 degrees.

Take an allen wrench and loosen the set screw under one of the handles. Have one person go to the other side of the door and hold the handle. If you both pull the handle will come off one side and the handle and spindle will come off the other side. Insert the temporary handle and then hit it with the hammer....a sharp blow. It'll open right up.

It probably got stuck because: 1)the keeper was adjusted too tight 2)the door is warped 3)the entire unit is twisted.

Good luck!

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John: Thanks so much. We'll look for the temporary handle and give this a go.

With appreciation,

Kathy & Patrick

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Just a follow-up in case this information would help someone else.

The "fix" for post-2005 Frenchwood Patio Doors (at least the in-swing version in which both doors open) is to do the following -- as per our conversation with the Anderson customer service folks. Standing on the inside, grab the handle on the "active" door and simultaneously push out (forward) and down just as hard as you can. To accomplish this, it took me pushing out on the door and my husband pushing down on the handle. And, lo, the door unlocked! As the lady on the phone said, "you think you're going to break the handle, but you won't."

Now we need to investigate why the door ended up in the locked position (and would not budge) in the first place. The lady on the phone said that usually it's an alignment problem brought on by settling of the house.

In any case, if anyone else runs into this problem, here's the approach for getting the door open again.

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THank you just just happened to me as well....And that did work to unlock it but every time I lock the door again it gets stuck again...=(

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Yikes! It was with great trepidation that we locked our door again that first night after getting it open, but, thankfully, we did not have that same problem.

HOWEVER, something still is wrong with the entire mechanism: the door will not stay latched unless we put the "active door" handle in the up position. And we can only engage the deadbolt by jiggering it around. So, something clearly is not right. We are investigating whether we need to install a new mechanism or somehow reset the current hardware.

Good luck to you with your problem. Having to go through this process every time you want to unlock the door must be a real pain!

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We have a Hurd Hinged patio door. Similar situation. For latching, one is "passive" and the other is "active." To lock the doors, you pull up on the passive door handle, then pull up on the active door handle, then you can turn the latch for the deadbolt.

We have the door handle stuck in the locked position and the deadbolt won't turn.

Any suggestion greatly appreciated.

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In both instances (Andersen and Hurd door), it sounds like you need to replace the lock box on the active door. It is a pretty simple change out if you have the instructions which should be available on their websites. Should be covered by warranty if less than ten years old. Another situation I have run into is that manufacturers will change suppliers of the lock box so it is a good idea to know the age of the door.

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Hi. You might try the same "trick," that worked with the Anderson door, since it sounds like the locking mechanism works in the same way BUT I DO NOT KNOW that it will work. And I'd feel awful if you tried the same approach and it ruined your door!

Here's the company phone number that's listed on the website: 800-223-4873.S You might try that. The Anderson help line person was very helpful. Their help line is only available M-F, but Hurd might have some help available on a Saturday. Give it a try.

Good luck!

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The Andersen Window care service line for consumers is 888-888-7020 which is available Monday through Saturday. You can also find installation/adjustment instructions online in the Service section of our website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Andersen Windows - Service

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