Help with window with double reflection

Scott616July 28, 2014

I recently had a 48" X 56" double paned window replaced in my home. The new window gives a double reflection. One image is larger than the other and moves if you move in front of the window and the other image stays in the same place. I told the window installers that I believe one of the panes is bowed. None of my other double paned windows in my house give a double reflection. The installers came out to look at the window and said they don't see any thing wrong with the window. Are there any window experts here who can give me some advise?

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What brand of window? What type of window? What type of Glass? What direction is the window facing? Is this "double reflection" showing all the time? What makes you believe one of the panes of glass is "bowed"? Who was the installer, a contractor or a window professional?

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Double pane windows have 2 reflections, because there are two panes of glass. But if the reflections are far apart or much bigger or smaller than the other maybe there's an issue?

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Hmmm.... do the reflections look the same? Some paranormal activity perhaps? :P

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The reflections are different sizes. If you move from side to side in front of the window one reflection moves and the other stays in approximately the same position. The double reflection is always present. I have many double paned windows in my home and have looked at many at my work place. There may be two reflections in those windows but they are almost indiscernible. The window was installed by a business which specializes in window replacements and installations.

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If there is some deflection in the glass, this can happen.

Can you snap a picture of it?

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