Window Well Covers

charlieboringJuly 30, 2013

I am trying to build or buy window well covers that last for a longer period than those normally available through HD and others. The size and shape are an issue. The wells are semi-circular and concrete/rock bordered as opposed to metal, since they are set in a concrete/rock-covered patio. The approximate sizes are 52 inches across at the wall; 22.5 inches radius of the semicircle and 12 inches high at the wall. Since I cannot find a suitable cover to buy, i am cosidering building them with wooden frames and plexiglass covers. I am attaching my ideas (which appear difficult to cut the pieces) in the hope that someone can offer suggestions.

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Most everything out there is going to be intended for egress and therefore much deeper projection from the building.

I don't know of anything to recommended to you to meet those shape criteria as pictured.

Rockwell does make a pretty well but it is an egress compliant design.

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windowsonwashington. Can you suggest the best material to use to make the semi-circular frame with a 6 to 1 incline on which I can mount the plexiglass?

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At that point, you might be best suited to do it out of some brick or block.

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