Integrity or jeldwen w2500?

KiwigemJuly 17, 2014

Hi everyone. First post. I actually tried over at another forum, but all I got was one forum user insulting me for even asking the question (weird!), so I hope you will all be merciful!
Anyway, I have two (actually there were more, but two are left standing) quotes for the windows in our new home. One for a combination of Integrity and full Marvin, one for JeldWen w2500. Cost-wise, they are almost identical.
I would like to go with the Integrity/Marvin package. My GC says he has great misgivings about the Integrity and is lobbying really hard for the JeldWen. This really doesn't make sense to me based on what I have read. I also was not impressed with the JeldWens when I saw them.
Would someone knowledgable mind weighing in?
Thanks in advance!

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Not a question in my mind, Marvin/Integrity is miles ahead of Jeldwen. The fact that the price is almost identical is a win/win. The fact that your builder thinks Jeldwen is the better choice than Marvin/Integrity should through up a major red flag in my opinion as Jeldwen is mediocre at best and I don't think anyone with any window knowledge would even think to argue that fact!

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Windows on Washington


This is the sports equivalent to a layup.

I am with Millworkman on this one.

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Thanks for your help! That's what I thought based on my research. I can't make sense of my GC's preference for a lesser brand. Are the Integrity windows tricky to install properly? Do some brands offer benefits to GC's who use them? I don't mean kickbacks per se (although that would make sense), but maybe better customer service if something goes wrong?

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Windows on Washington

The window selection world isn't that interesting with kickbacks and other spiffs.

Nothing more or less difficult about hanging that window.

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That's a relief. Beyond that I'll just let it be a mystery :-)
Thanks everyone!

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