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Elaine2012July 24, 2012

Built house in 2004 and have approx. 60 Peachtree windows and doors.

Windows began to fail the second winter with air bubbles appearing between the glass. First contact with company was very good and complete replacement windows were sent. Each year we have had more windows fail and there was no problem with replacement until company was bought out by another company. Now this company will only replace the glass. That means hiring a carpenter to remove window and from house (scaffolding needed for the upper windows in vaulted room),a glazer to remove defective glass and put in new glass, then have a carpenter put window back. It would cost less to just buy a replacement window from them but I will not give them another dime! Would not recommend Peachtree windows to anyone!

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This is really terrible. I'm curious about what you mean regarding air bubbles appearing between the glass. Do you mean condensation or are you saying the loE coatings are defective? Why does the entire window have to be removed? Can't they just replace the entire sash or at the very most, replace the glass by removing the glazing bead?

This is one of the reasons Peachtree is usually not given favorable reviews. What window are you looking at as a replacement.

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I also question why the entire window has to be removed if it is the glass that is defective.

So now Peachtree is another bought out company?

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Shield family of Weathershield fame bought them a few years back.

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They are a Weathershield company now.

I wonder if the sections that require a carpenter on the picture windows and if they are assembled as part of the frame vs. a glazing bead?

Can you post some pictures up?

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Peachtree is now owned by Weathershield? That doesn't sound good for the window industry.

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