Free CL 'office chair' re-do, just for fun!

My3dogsAugust 26, 2012

Yes, I even check the free section of CL at times to see what might be lurking for a fun project. I saw this office chair listed a few weeks ago, and the frame looked great. It wasn't far away so I picked it up from the environmental agency that was giving it away to be re-cycled.

As I stripped off the fabric, foam, etc, I saw that it was made by Hickory Business Furniture and extremely well made. I also found a shipping tag stapled inside, where one would never find it unless they were removing all the original coverings. Come to find out, it was originally made for a large multiple eye doctor's practice - MY eye doc's! The practice apparently gave some of these chairs to the agency, so it's now been recycled twice!

Got the Kravet Lutron or Lorton (have seen it listed both ways) fabric on eBay for about $2.60 a yard, and had some buttons to cover in my stash of supplies. I mixed some colors of Annie Sloan chalk paint together, and today did the re-covering. This was a fun, very inexpensive project!

Here is a link that might be useful: Look at the price of the fabric here!

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Wow. That looks great! What do you do with all your recover masterpieces?

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Some will go to my favorite local shop on consignment, and I may give this one to a friend. I'm just enjoying the creative process, and seeing how something can be changed.

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I used to redo "antiques" but just worked with wood pieces, nothing with fabric. You are starting that itch in me up again. =) And my mom used to have fun reupholstering things, and I know how to sew well - although don't do it much at all anymore. Had to make a soft dog collar for one of my kids recently and wasn't sure I would remember how to thread the machine! I did. I found it was like riding a bike. Maybe when I get some time I'll take an upholstery class.

Your friend is lucky. I love it.

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I love that fabric and your upholstery skills are amazing!

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My3dogs, can I be your friend???? ;)

The chair looks great. You should take a pic to show to your eye doctor next time you visit!

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Your talent knows no bounds ! I think taking the chair pic to the eye Dr is a great idea ! c

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That chair looks great!
(They always do.)

I envy your talent, and your taste is impeccable.

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Thanks, everyone!

Good idea on the pic! I can scan in the shipping label, which shows 3 of the docs names in the practice, and email that and the photos to them, as I only go every couple of years.

beeps, I have re-done antiques for as long as I can remember, back to my 'youth' when I was relegated to my parent's driveway for projects involving stain. Once you find an inexpensive or free item to recover, I bet you'll be hooked. Seeing the change in the things is what gets me revved up. Being addicted to fabric, and finding great buys on eBay for it feeds the addiction!

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Awesome. You get to accomplish two fun things with one creative outlet - re-doing of furniture and buying pretty fabric. Win-win! (Speaking of fabric addiction - when my mom passed away we took about 4 SUV loads - and I mean filled to the roof liner with the back seat down loads - of fabric to a local women's shelter. My mom lived 30 miles or so from the Los Angeles garment district and there are tons of fabric stores there with crazy low prices. You'd love it there! :) She made tons of stuff, but obviously her eyes were often greater than the time she had available! And I won't mention all the vintage buttons we gave away...)

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Love, love, love the fabric and paint and the updated way you did the back of the chair plus the professional looking cording! So talented!

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You never disappoint, My3dogs! Love the chair color and
the fabric is perfect.

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I agree with everyone, your work is professional and beautiful. You combine your talent with your great eye for good design and now upholstery is part of your repertoire!
Love the finished chair, and the way you lined up the pattern so symmetrical and interesting.
I am an admirer of your work too and watch for updates!

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Sugar Plum

Amazing! The double welting on your projects is fabulous!

As another fabric collector... I am beginning to hunt CL for projects to utilize my extensive stash. You are an inspiration!

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That is awesome!!!

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Keep it up and continue to share with all your projects. Also love how you love to bargain too!!! Treasure finding is such fun.

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sigh... Wish I could do that. It looks so professional.

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Great job, as always!!

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Thanks so much for your encouragement! Next weekend, I'll be finishing the CL 'throne' chair that that started out like this -

which stripped and re-finished became this -

with this fabric, which is not my original pick for it, but I prefer this one. I'll be doing a self welt of the fabric, which I've had for a few years after getting it on clearance from Ballard Designs.

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I wish I could do that, great transformation!

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And you are my hero :)

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Brilliant, as always!

I have a chair with a similar type of back sitting in my garage right now, with the fabric removed as of this morning. I was thinking of you, because I wonder if you just figured it out yourself or used some kind of online tutorial to re-cover your chairs? The previous owner of my chair nailed the fabric to the back of the chair with the frayed edges exposed. I'm a beginner but I think I can do better than that! I was thinking I'd fold the edges under, then use (what? small upholstery nails?) to attach the fabric, and then cover the rows of nails with some kind of trim.

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Sue, are you referring to the Eastlake chair that needs to be finished above?

No online tutorial for that, but I have done two and used gimp to cover the raw edges after I staple the fabric on with my electric stapler. Then I used some decorative nails, as you see the 2nd one had originally. Under the fabric is batting for softness and faux burlap that I got online as it won't rot.

Before, first one -

After -

Before, 2nd one -

After -

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Wow - those are fantastic my3dogs. The fabric choices fit the style of the chair so well - the animal prints have a bit of whimsy. Looks like quality craftsmanship.

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Yes, mine is very similar to those two! Not quite as pretty, which is why I'm jazzing it up by painting the wood a bright color and using a contemporary fabric (both TBD). Okay, so I need to get one of those electric staplers!

The bulldog on your chair above looks a lot like one of my dogs! Thanks for the info and pics!

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I love your office chair re-do and all your other chairs!
Can't wait to see your finished throne chair : )

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