good price for blinds?

trking8July 20, 2011

I asked for an estimate for faux wood blinds for 2 windows. I can't find the exact measurements now, but I think they're 72 inches wide and about 24 inches high. now they're telling me faux wood isn't suitable. two questions: 1) is faux wood unsuitable b/c of the width (as he says) and 2) is this a good estimate for reall wood? thnaks very much. terry

here's the estimate I got:

fter looking at the photos and the sizes I do not recommend a Faux Wood blind, the slats on a Faux blind are all polymer and have a tendency to bow at widths grater than 36"

So I have priced Wood blinds as an inside mount ( the windows in the photo look deep enough for inside mounting). The inside mount will be a clean look also.

List Price $295.00 X 2 = $590.00

25% discount ($147.50)

Sub Total $442.50

Tax $26.55

Total $469.05

Pricing for decorating

With the blind purchase $50.00/hour

Without Blind purchase $100.00/hour

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If your height is only 24", you shouldn't have a real problem. You will however have more vertical lifts in a Faux wood product than Real wood at anytime because of the weight.

As far as a price goes, I would definetly look around as those price seem really high. Keep in mind different areas have different mark ups, I just think you may find better.

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I forgot to put in the measurements:

the windows are 26 1/4" by 77 1/4 inches (outside mount) or 21 1/4 by 72 1/4 (inside mount)

thanks, t

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If your height is 77" then I would lean towards wood just based on the fact that lifting 77" of Faux is going to be heavy.

Also, I still think you should look around for better prices.

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