Adding pot lights

billmack30February 24, 2010

I had a light bulb with pull chain on my wall. I wanted to remove the light bulb with pull chain and add two pot lights controlled by a light switch.

When i removed the pull chain light bulb there was a junction box in the wall. I wired the pot lights and switch as shown and the circuit trips when I switch the light on and off.

1. Am I doing this wrong ie. Do i need to run the wire from the junction box to the switch first and then the pot lights?

2. Also as of now, I have other lights and switches disconnected on the same circuit would that matter in this case?

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Did you use one of the recalled DIY wiring books? You need help, as you have wired a dead short.

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Your wiring for the switch is causing a dead short-
The white from the switch should be remarked as a black and the two wire (black and re-marked white) from the switch should be breaking the black power leg on the lights.
As you have it set up now, you are direct shorting the black to the white when the switch is flipped "on".

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The black (hot) wire always goes to the switch first. You need a three wire between the 2 pot lights if your power is coming from the lights.

Ground goes to everything.

Black and white from source to first pot. White to light and black to black of 3 wire. Red of three wire to black of light.

3 wire goes to second pot. Black to white of 2 wire that goes to switch, remark this white with a black marker. White of 3 wire to white of light. Red of 3 wire and black of 2 wire from switch to black of light.

2 wire from 2nd pot to switch with black and white remarked as black, fasten to the two terminals.

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