Thrift Store Sale

daisymeAugust 17, 2008

I've been looking for colorful pieces to break for mosaics and found a really good thrift store having a half price sale Saturday. Each of the vases was only $2.50 on sale so this whole load was around $25.00. I'm having a hard time with my friend about breaking the vase on the right.

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Good stash. I like the dishes with the purple flowers. Lots of pretty colors.

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I can't remember where you are located, but in my experience with rain, freezing etc, that I am now careful of the kind of dishes I use for outdoor projects...ceramic does not last, it chips and flakes, but porceline holds up pretty good. I'm big on outdoor projects as my house is already full, lol! But I just wanted to let you know in case you didn't know yet...sheesh, I've been outta the loop for months around here, and seeing a pretty stash like that is REALLY getting my creative juices going!!! There's lots of good color combos there!!!! Good scores!!!

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Calamity, thank you so much for that information. I'd never heard that before and would have put alot of the chalkier ceramic on outside projects. Until my present project I'd never done anything for outside before, and I'm glad to realize that I've used good porcelain on the vast majority of it. Good information! Thanks so much for taking time to write me about it. I'm sure others that are newer to the art like me will take note too.

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Great stuff. I always have a hard time with curved surfaces to apply to mosaics.
Can't wait to see what you do.
I did low fire mosaics for years and Calamity is right, they don't fair up well.

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Nice score! I'd be hestiant to break any of those vases..all 3 are beautiful! Then again, they would make for some nice colorul shards!

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Great score. I absolutely love that rose plate!!!!

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It's fun to return home after a few days and read the responses to a post, isn't it? I really did have a fun time grabbing those pieces as everyone else dove for the beautiful clothes they had there. I'm really going to have trouble breaking that pretty vase on the right, but I will. (EG) I won't have a problem at all with the red plate kind of gives me the creeps when it's away from the other dishes. LOL It does have a $28.00 original price on it though from Nordy's, so someone must have loved it as you do, Crafty Lady. It'll make beautiful red shards, and I always have a tough time finding red.

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