Doorbell mystery

BobbledooFebruary 14, 2010

My in-laws have a multi-chime electronic doorbell about 15 years old. Recently, it has taken it upon itself to ring randomly.

Door button has been replaced and wiring appears to be sound. I don't believe there's a short between the chime and the button because it only rings once; were it a short, it would ring continuously (I tested that).

Is it more likely to be the transformer, the circuit board, or something else?

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Have you had a mediam exorcize the house?

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Not likely the transformer. If it has a circuit board that could be the problem.
Still could be a problem with the wiring. Disconnect the button connection at the chime and leave it off for several days. See if it stops ringing. If there are more than one button do them one at a time or do them all and then start putting them back one at a time.

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