Clamping a mitered&biscuit joined square column..? help!

mak90February 15, 2008

Hello woodworkers!

I'm making an oak square column this weekend, and - as the title states I will be mitering the edges of the column (where each side meets) and biscuit joining these sides as well.

Trouble is I'm perplexed as to how to clamp this bad boy... I've seen 90 deg clamps but they would only work on the upper and lower parts of the column, but i would like to clamp along the length... Any ideas?

Thanks all!

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Strap clamps are perfect for your project.

In a pinch, you can use bungee cords.

Enjoy the journey.

eal51 in western CT

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How large is the column? Are miters really necessary?

If you're going to try the strap clamps, make sure you rehearse the whole operation without glue. Use very small biscuits; they're just there for alignment and don't contribute to strength. I'm very doubtful that bungee cords would be strong enough.

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Red Green would know how to do it - Duct tape!

If you don't want to clean off adhesive from the tape, then use the clear plastic wrap that sticks only to itself.


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Actually clear packing tape, with a little stretch, works great. If you can forego the biscuits, you can simply tape the joints along the length and roll it up.

You can also spiral wrap with nylon cord with a little stretch to it.

If you have stubborn spots, Balanced bar clamps will also work

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