estimate cost of window replacement

mike1127July 9, 2010

I am involved in a dispute over security deposit refund. My landlord deducted more than I believe is fair but did not itemize deductions as required by law. As we all know, landlords are not allowed to deduct for normal wear and tear, but he did not understand this. He had one handyman repair and replace things all over the apartment, and the handyman presented him with a single bill. I claim that some items were actually normal wear and tear, but he did not itemize expenses and didn't save any receipts, so we have no way of isolating just the valid expenses.

I would like to estimate one thing that really was my fault, a cracked window. It was an aluminum frame sliding window, with a pane about 24" by 24". Can I get a guess as to the repair cost of such an item in terms of (1) materials cost (2) labor time.

I realize this is going to be a rough estimate, but I just would like to know a ballpark figure.

For labor time assume an expert and don't include travel time to the hardware store or anything like that.



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