Temporary door suggestions

summertime2006July 30, 2010

I have a room in my house that has no door on it.

I'm in and out of this room a few times a day.

I would like to be able to shut the air conditioning vent all the way or part of the way for this room. Then have some sort of barrier like a door of some kind to keep the rest of the house cooler.

It seems that in this hot weather it's a strain on my central air conditioner when the temperatures get over 90* so I would like to have a little less square footage to make it cool down.

I do not want to put in a permanent door. I just want something that will keep a good amount of the hotter air in that room out.

I had thought of a door curtain but I didn't know if that would work or not. And after searching and searching I could not find any kind of temporary door that I thought would work.

Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions?



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Certainly a heavy material door curtain would help, I have done the same in the past for both heating and air conditioning.

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