Milgard Aluminum quality question

modern_missJuly 25, 2009

We're going to be buying lots of aluminum windows and sliding doors for a house we're building.

Milgard Aluminum has the best price so far, however, I noticed something in the showroom that troubled me. On the exterior of the Milgard sample window, it looked like there was a hand-applied bead of clear caulking (waterproofing?) over each of the four mitered corners.

This detail looked really sloppy because the caulking was unevenly applied. Has anyone else noticed this or is it my imagination? Are their sliding doors constructed in the same fashion, or how are the corners of the Milgard aluminum sliding doors constructed?

Does anyone have any insight into how Milgard Aluminum compares in quality to other aluminum products including: International Window Corp, (BetterBilt), Western, Heritage, Atrium aluminum or Fleetwood?


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not familiar with all of them but International Window, MIWD(better-built, Heritage and Atrium I wouldn't give you the sweat off my brow for. Me thinks Western(whom ever they would be would probably fit the same category. How did Fleetwood get in the same conversation as they are actually a quality product and 2 to 3 times as much as any of the others

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