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kammererkFebruary 7, 2012

I'd like to make a shelf similar to the one below. Does anyone know where I could order square spindles with the trim attached as in the picture below? Or am I going to have to buy the trim and cut it myself? I guess I'd be pretty good with miter cuts by the end of the project (or else run out of money for buying more trim to cut), so I'm hoping I can buy something pre-assembles that's similar. From 2012-02-02


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Start practicing your miter cuts.

If this will be painted you at least have some ability to 'fudge' the miters.

Use a real miter saw (like a Nobex) not a cheap 'miter box.'

Power chop saws are often not all that precise for work that may get very closely examined unless they have been carefully adjusted, they can easily throw small pieces, and you will have your fingers VERY close to the blade with small pieces.

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