Pendant experiments

nicethymeAugust 14, 2009

I think the one I'm finally settled on to send for and exchange, is far enough from these early trials that I won't give away and surprises by posting these...

I made the bezels from polymer clay, then glass, maybe clip art, some have resin.....

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OMG!!! Those are freakin' Lovely!!! You are so amazing!!! (Hope you get some mail this week!;>) )

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AMAZING!!! You have to tell us how you do this or at least how you learned the procedures. Those are unbelievably beautiful!

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BEYOND BEAUTIFUL!!!! A way cool experiment!!!! Yes pleas tell how you made them!!!

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Oh my! These are gorgeous!
I spent some time today using my push mold making faces and such, but this is so much better!
You must do a tutorial because I have sooooooo many questions!
Oh my!

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AWESOME! Those are beautiful, tell us how!!!

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This leaves me speechless, and even thoughtless, but professional comes to mind.

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LOL thank you all. Slow, I am considering trying to sell these - maybe get a table at the Christmas bazzaar this year.

okay here's the long and short of it guys, I roll out a very thin piece of clay and cut two of the same shape. lay a jump ring with an eyepin on it, on one piece and glue (with liquid sculpy) the other piece over top. you can situate the jump ring or rings however you want to stick up for the cord to attach.

now I roll out a med thick piece 4-5 on the machine and using a piece of glass to measure the thickness, I cut a strip and "glue" that on the top edge of the piece I made (which is the back) so now I have a wall.

I bake this, sand it smooth where needed and then decorate it with little dots and swirls "glued" on (or hands??) and bake it again. now you can paint it anyway you want and mosaic it.

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Well I'll be danged. You're a genius!!!!!!!! I love the ones w/hands/arms - so clever. How your mind works - well, like I say - genius artist. Wish I could get interested in clay again cuz this w/be worth the time. I can see all kinds of possibilities, and each piece is unique. Oh, you'll sell these babies - for sure. Take a southern bow, girlie. What a girl!!!

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TRY TO SELL THEM! Humpfhhh...I'd bet any number of us would send a check pronto if we had half the chance. They are beautiful. I have to clip your instructions, cuz I don't quite get it yet, but it would be worth just taking a chance. They ARE amazing and you certainly inspire the rest of us. You have so many talents, thanks for sharing them with us.

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next time I make some I'll take pictures so its clearer what I mean.

thank you so much

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These pendants were in my dreams last night, dang it. I was trying to cut those out, and was having a hard time. I don't dare get into that clay stuff again - can't afford the time, but you've sure made me want to.

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Those are just gorgeous, I'm sure they would be a hot seller, They're so unique,

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