Repair vs Infinity Replacement

westfieldJuly 29, 2009

Here are the details. We are in the Indianapolis area. We have a sunroom on the back of the house with 13 casements, all operating, from Weathershield. The were installed 15-20 years ago. The east wall has 2 sets of 3 windows, west wall has 1 set of 3, and the south has 2 sets of 2. The sills of all the sets of 3 are rotting, in some cases there is little left. Some brick mould is rotting, and a few mulls are too. The south wall sets are protected by an overhang and I believe that is why they have basically no problems (yet.) The windows are 60" tall.

The choices are to replace what is rotting for approx. $1500, or replace all windows with Marvin Infinity gliders for $6500 installed.

Under the replace option the mulls and mould that are damaged will be replaced with a PVC product. The rotted sills would be replaced with wood, still investigating whether they could be wrapped in aluminum or vinyl. If so, that will probably increase the price. Of course with all repairs the unknown is what will be found when you start removing things. The down side is more pieces could rot later, and painting/maintenance will still be required, at least on any unwrapped wood parts. The upside is the price is $5000 less.

The upside of replacement is they are new, made of fiberglass, and should not need any maintenance, especially when compared to the maintenance required under the repair option. They are sliders so from the outside there will be a visible screen in every other window, except for the winter, as opposed to the casements which have the screen on the inside. The down side is the cost, although at just over $500/window installed, I believe we are getting a good price. The contractor has replaced several windows in our house with Pella wrapped windows and done an excellent job, so I have no concerns there. Only "certified" companies can sell and install Infinity.

We have been in the house 23 years and will probably be here 10 more. We are about to remodel the sunroom to make the walls and ceiling look nicer. I'm interested in the opinions of the forum members on what they feel is best of the 2 options and why.

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Doesn't look like this is the most exciting topic, but here is some more information.

On the repair side, the replacement sills can be ordered wrapped from Weathershield and installed. The other brick mould, etc. will still be PVC. The price has changed substantially to $4500. It's not clear from the revised quote if all sills, mulls, etc. are being replaced or still just the ones that are currently rotting. Even if we assume it's everything, in my opinion the scale has tipped towards replacement with the new price. I'd still appreciate any opinions.

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I believe the marvin Infinity qualifies for the tax credit. That means the $6500 price tag becomes $5000. No brainer in my opinion.

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