Handlesets for double doors - which brand?

quandaryJuly 5, 2011

We have double doors in our entry. Both doors open, but one is usually stationary, with top and bottom sliding pins holding it in place.

The deadbolt in the active door is messed up, so I'd like to refinish the doors and replace the handlesets. We'll likely replace all of the exterior door locks eventually, and I understand that you should use the same brand if you want them keyed alike.

Are some brands superior to others? Will my need for a dummy handleset limit my options, or are they usually offered with any brand?

I understand this is a window forum, but it seems the most logical place to post this question.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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You can use whatever you like depending on how much money you can spend. All brands have a dummy handle. You can go from Kwikset to P.E. Guerin. Check to see if they will work in your existing holes.

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Thanks, someone2010. Since posting this, I've been looking at a Baldwin Lexington single cylinder mortise handleset trim set. With all the components, the cost approaches $1,000. I hope the quality is good.

The handlesets.com order page asks for the door thickness, backset and handing. The existing holes in my doors are 1 5/8" in diameter. Before ordering, I'll call to be sure the Baldwin handlesets will fit those holes.

I appreciate your advice. I'm nervous about having my doors removed while I refinish the doors and replace the locks. I want to avoid any unnecesary delays on this project.

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Might want to look at Schlage too.

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The Schlage is certainly more affordable -- is the quality of Baldwin better, or does the name just command a higher price? The cross bore on the Schlage is 2 1/8", which they indicate is most common. Should I try to find something to fit my 1 5/8" cross bore, or try to drill a bigger hole?


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A representative at handlesets.com directed me to 2 piece handlesets for 1 5/8" cross bores. The only brand they have available for that size cross bore is Weslock. Should I...
1. Go with Weslock,
2. Keep searching for other brands to fit my cross bore,

3. Try to enlarge the holes to the more standard 2 1/8" cross bore?

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I think you misunderstand what the door people are talking about. 2 1/8" is the backset. If you measure from the edge of the door to the center of the hole, you get the backset (the distance from the door edge to the center of the hole ). The backset for the lock bolt should be 1 5/8" and the door knob should be 2 1/8". The diameter of the hole is whatever the instructions require.
IMO Baldwin is the better of the two locksets.

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DISREGUARD MY LAST MESSAGE. FOR AN EXTERIOR ENTRY DOOR THE BACKSET IS WHAT THE SPECS SAY; 2 3/4" I believe. That is the backset, not the size of the hole. MY BAD

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Actually backsets will most commonly be either 2 3/4" or 2 3/8" with many companies now including an adjustable backset to fit either depth.

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Don't apologize someone2010 -- this is new to me, and while I've tried to familiarize myself with the jargon, I don't want to give anybody the impression that I know what I'm doing! It never hurts for me to double-check. The Baldwin Lexington handleset I'm considering is available with a 2 1/2" backset, which mine is. It also fits my 1 3/4" thick doors. The only thing about my existing doors which limits my handleset choices is the diameter of the holes. Because we use the front door primarily, I do want good quality hardware. The Weslock is attractive enough and certainly less expensive, but you indicate that Baldwin is better. I don't mind paying more and going through the hassle of enlarging the diameter of the holes, if I wind up with trouble-free hardware.

I've posted on the woodworking forum about enlarging the holes, and they've given me good advice. I think I can do it myself. There are pitfalls, however. I could wind up with correctly-sized cross bores, but non-standard backsets -- I think I said that right!


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