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michoumonsterJune 27, 2011

Hi all,

I just got 2 quotes for eagle windows and french doors. although i gave both the same instructions, they both are a little different, as well as pricing. I was wondering if you could help me interpret them? i know in general, the color doesn't matter as there are 53 standard colors at no extra charge. Also, fir and pine are the same cost for eagle windows. but i am confused about the wall differences, which is the better window, or does this matter?

thanks very much!

Quote #1 describes windows as:

Clad Casements, 4 9/16" wall, jamb all sides, pine, drip cap nailfin, no brickmold, bronze frame, bronze sash, colonial stops


Quote #2 describes windows as:

Clad Casements, 2 7/8" wall, kerfed 11/16" x 1 5/16", jamb all sides, fir, drip cap nailfin, no brickmold, white frame, white sash, colonial stops


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Not 100% sure as I have not sold Eagle in years but i do believe the standard jamb is 2 7/8" and then they use an extension piece called an extension jamb to bring it flush to your interior wall. Andersen does the same with their casement units. So i would surmise that the company pricing it as a 4 9/16 wall is actually pricing it the same as the 2 7/8" wall with 1 5/16" jamb all 4 sides.

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Hi millworkman,
Thanks for the explanation. To give more info, the company pricing as 4 9/16" wall gave me another quote with retractable insect screen option where the windows are 4 7/8" wall, i assume because of the different screen option. Does it mean they are thicker windows?
Both companies specified the french doors at 4 9/16" however. So i am quite confused.

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