making new walnut match antique walnut

ccoombs1February 6, 2012

Good afternoon! I am hoping someone here can help me. I have a 180 year old walnut corner cupboard in my dining room. I just had some solid walnut end tables and a coffee table made. The guy is going to deliver them to me unfinished because I want to use waterlox on them and he does not use it. I know waterlox will darked the walnut some, but I don't think it's going to darken it enough to match. I think I may have to stain the new walnut. Can someone suggest a color that when used with waterlox, will give me the same color as the antique patina that walnut has? Thanks so much!

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Rather light for walnut.

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Hmmmm....maybe cherry then? It is darker than that picture makes it look. I am not a woodworker...I just know what I like. I do know the coffee table and end tables are walnut. This corner cupboard though...I don't know. I just got it on Saturday. The backside of those small panels on either side of the drawer are VERY dark. I'll try to take a good close-up of the wood grain when I get home. Thanks!

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Put Waterlox on a scrap of Walnut and then see how it matches. In my experience, walnut lightens a bit over time. The UV rays seem to bleach it out a little bit, but that takes many years. I've pulled apart Walnut wainscoting and found slightly darker shades under the trim pieces, leading me to that assertion.

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New black walnut is going to take decades to develop that beautiful dark honey color in the photo.
You could try bleaching the new pieces to take out the chocolate-brown color, then carefully toning it to golden with a very judicious application of stain followed by garnet shellac. I'd try three parts provincial (or ipswitch pine) and one part red mahogany for starters.

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Thanks you for your input. I examined the piece more last night and am fairly certain it is walnut. The backside of the doors and drawer front is very you'd expect Walnut to be. I think it's just lightened up with age as Aiden suggested. I am getting the scrap walnut back from my furniture maker and will do some serious experimentation with it to see if I can come up with a nice color. I do love the look of walnut so I may just waterlox it and not stain it at all. I suppose it is not at all important for the new tables to match this corner cupboard. Again.....thanks for the suggestions and guidance.

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" I do love the look of walnut so I may just waterlox it and not stain it at all. "

I think you are on the right track.

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