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Suchagirl82February 19, 2013

I'm thinking of purchasing a home with a washer/dryer hook up in the kitchen. However, they space they have it in isn't normal. It's not against a wall or in a closet. It's across from the sink/counter space with its own surrounding counter.

There is a washer/dryer hook up in the basement I'd rather use. Therefore opening up the space for actual kitchen improvements.

I have an electric range/oven combo I'd like to put in place of the dryer. It is against an outside wall (ability to vent). What is the feasibilty of rewiring the dryer location for an electric range/oven AND not shorting out my kitchen every time I cook?

Also, I would like to construct a working island with a dishwasher where the washing machine is (since there is a water source/wastewater return). What is the feasibility of this?

The home was built in 1890, has 100 amp circut breaker (not knob and tube wiring). I have the ability to hire an experienced electrician. I am just wondering if these ideas are even possible before I look into the remodel. The space where the appliance would go is empty so I do have the ability to look at what the wiring is like (labeled) if someone could advise what I should be looking for/what they need to be to make my changes.

Thanks for any feedback!

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It's almost certainly feasible, especially if you have access from below. You'll probably need to upgrade both the breaker and wiring as a dryer is typically a 30 A circuit while a range is 50 A. If you have other high demand loads (AC compressors, for example on top of running the range and dryer), you could be looking at upgrading the service to 200A--again very feasible and often done--it's only money. Your electrician can tell you exactly what will be required. Chances are the plumbing will work as-is.

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