gfci issue

texan1February 16, 2014

I am adding a circuit to a structure. I ran 110v romex from the cb to a gfci which has two outlets and the test buttons and a indicator light, then ran wire from the gfci to an outdoor ourlet. I am getting pwr to the gfci, but the outlets on the gfci don't work nor does the outdoor outlet. I have the pwr attached to the top two screws and the line to the outdoor outlet on the bottom two screws (black/hot on brass screws & white/neutral on silver screws). I have swapped the input wires to the bottom screws and vise/versa and still not power to any outlets. This is a new gfci unit. Suggestions?

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The load terminal in a GFCI is sometimes opposite of what you expect. I just put in a GFCI that appeared physically identical to another one I installed 2 years ago, but the load terminal positions had been swapped, even though it was from the same manufacturer and looked identical. Did you closely examine the wiring diagram that should have come with the receptacle?

Other thoughts? Have you tripped and reset the GFCI? Have you used a circuit tester to confirm proper wiring? Also, you could have a bum GFCI.

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I noticed that most are "pre-tripped" when energized (orange light on) and you have to reset them. Newer models "fail safe" when the GFCI electronics get zapped and I suspect this behavior is related to that.

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