I can't find the type of window I want-

ilmbgJune 24, 2009

I have been searching for windows that look like the old metal ones- I know they weren't efficient due to the metal.

I want the 'thin metal' look, but with newer thermo capabilities.

Do you know of any that look like this? For new build.


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tube- Thank you, thank you!! I didn't find any of these. The Hope company is in Colorado- very close.
Do you have any experience with this type of window?
Just looking at the websites, some seem to be insulated, some I can't tell. Would these modern day windows be efficient?
I can't wait to call tomorrow!

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What about aluminum windows with a thermal break? I can't tell if you are still pursuing this issue, but if you are, perhaps you could offer some additional details or pictures of the type of metal windows that you are trying to match.

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I do not have experience with any of them.

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I don't have any pictures now. I like the older metal-thin' that I had in my home several years ago.
Tube- I got some info from 'Torrance' back, although it is all 'technical' type of info- no pics at all.

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tube, forget aluminum the look you want is definitely from the steel type product line. You are off to a good start with those brands.

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